The OS for the building industry.

A digital infrastructure that organizes, connects and communicates all aspects of our projects life.

Simple, clear and interconnected

Task Management

Quality Control & Peace of Mind


Less Administration, More Design

Time Management

Time & Energy Saving


Profitable Projects

One single source
of truth. Aligned Teams.
Lower risk.

We empower the building industry by
a holistic and cross-
departmental software solution.
A single space where architects,
developers and
consultants can work
together effectively and efficiently.

soma features

Project + Company
processes combined

TasksmeetTime Logs

Generate phases and tasks within one-click. Multiple options to manage timesheets and overheads with shared calendars.


Detailed insight into team’s capacity. Manage stakeholders within one cross-linked database. Allocate workforce, inventory and spaces on actual availability.


Workloads and responsibilities are transparently accessible for all project members. Understand every aspect of project and company metrics. Simplify quoting, automate billing and optimize utilization.

to see the full picture.
In real-time.

We help planners to
save time and energy to
focus on what matters.

Find what you're looking for in an instant. Spend less time searching for data and using inconsistent tools.

Conveniently create, modify or complete tasks and increase productivity. Shortcuts improve navigation and provide quicker access to the functions and information you need.

Designed to handle all challenges at high speed. Improve understanding and handling of large amounts of data by accessing a clear and concise summary of the most important information.

Seamlessly distribute project success beyond internal teams. Empower all stakeholders to collaborate within one single workspace.

Engineered to keep your data accessible, but safe and protected. Customizable permission settings give you full control over what data users can access.

Handle all project challenges within phases. Keep track of progress and be able to make data-driven decisions.

A holistic approach
enhancing synergies

Our goal is to empower offices,
teams and individuals
to create efficient,
transparent and economically viable
of linking project and office management.

coming soon

A dedicated inbox streamlines all your communications. Never miss any decisions by linking your inbox effortlessly with your workflows.

Workflows enhanced within the BIM environment. Collaboration re-imagined. Teamwork, examinations and annotations instantly associated to the digital model.

Automations do the busywork and create consistent processes, freeing up your team to focus on what matters most.

About us

As architects,
we know the
of our industry.

Our team believes in collaboration, exploring new ways of working and empowerment through knowledge transfer.

offices sharing our vision

“What we miss in the architectural industry today, is a simple and intuitive tool that helps us organizing workloads instead of consuming more of our time”“I love my work. That is, designing buildings and working together with others. What I'm missing is a simple and easy-to-use tool that makes the organisation and administration of all that effortless”“Monitoring quotes and invoicing automatically through the same tool we coordinate our tasks and teams with, would be an absolute game changer.”“Digital solutions can help us to better document and communicate our designs, making it easier for clients and other stakeholders to understand and approve projects.”